Ice Hotel Casino

Ice Hotel combines luxurious 5 star facilities with high end private gaming rooms, creating the ultimate exclusive casino experience. Check our booking availability below, we have strict capacity limits and strong demand.

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Welcome to the Ice Hotel Casino

The Ice Hotel Casino is perfect for a weekend getaway or a full weeklong stay. The choice is your with our world class hotel and gaming amenities available on demand.

Each room comes with a dedicated butler who will be available to assist with any enquiries on demand. They will escort you to and from the gaming areas.

You will be provided with guest passes to be able to access every aspect of the Ice Hotel Casino without any limitation.

Ice Hotel Casino Amenities

We provide 5 star luxury amentias with every room in our hotel. You’ll be delighted by what we’ve included.

Swimming pool

Spa & massage

Dedicated butler


Gym & yoga


Conference room


Premium Gaming

Our exclusive gaming experience is accessible directly from your private residence. You’ll be escorted directly to your VIP table by our concierge, no waiting, no lines.

You will also be able to find some very nice bonuses on the various casino slot machines that are around the casino.

With bonuses such as cash back points, free drinks, free food or even an exclusive casino club membership, you might want to consider taking advantage of these bonuses.

Check our availability today and reserve your exclusive stay.


Recent feedback

“We stayed here with our family and are fully satisfied with our vacation. Rooms are very modern, have all needed amenities, the gaming floor was an incredible experience. We will for sure come back.”

Kate PalmerIdaho



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Why Should I Consider A Luxury Gambling Vacation?

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The Best Reasons To Stay at the Ice Hotel Casino

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